Academic Catalog

Science (SCI)

SCI 131X  Critical Thinking and Health Sciences: Applied Chemistry, Microbiology and Radiological Physics  (4 Credits)  

This course provides an introduction to the expectations and methodology of the health sciences. Through readings, discussion, investigation, and writing assignments, the course examines critical thinking as it is related to the health sciences. Review of the scientific method as it applies to general chemistry, microbiology, and physics, using experiments, observations, and measurements to critically analyze scientific concepts and content. The course addresses the thinking and learning skills required for success as an adult student including time management, self-directed and collaborative learning, communication skills, the conventions of academic research and scientific study, and personal study skills. Offered as needed.

Essential Learning Outcomes for Medaille College: Critical Thinking  
Department: Veterinary Technology  
Pre-Requisites: VET 101.  
Co-Requisites: None  
Fees: 40