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The mission of graduate studies at Medaille College is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and the creation of knowledge while fostering academic excellence. Medaille College graduate programs promote a high quality-learning environment that embraces diversity. This commitment is evident across the curricula of each of the department’s programs, which, at their core, seek to foster the development of transformative intellectuals and agents for positive change for the community. The faculty members in the graduate programs are practitioners and scholars dedicated to excellence in teaching and the development of new knowledge. The curriculum in each program is designed to develop the highest degrees of competence, professionalism, and leadership qualities in the student. Graduate study requires high academic achievement, and its purpose is to further develop a student’s experience and capabilities within the advanced, specialized areas of the student’s chosen field. While the emphasis of all graduate programs at Medaille College is the preparation for professional practice, students will develop a thorough understanding of research and research methodology. A common objective of all Medaille graduate programs is to develop the capacities students will need for independent study and research, so that critical inquiry is made a viable mode for improving their practice throughout their career.

While students pursuing graduate studies are subject to the policies of the College’s Catalog, each graduate program may have specific or additional requirements. Students should refer to their specific academic program section. If students have any questions, please contact Program Directors and/or appropriate Department Chair. More information about Medaille’s Academic departments can be found here:

Coursework Defined

  1. Graduate coursework is more rigorous than undergraduate coursework and requires a great deal of critical thinking. More is expected of the graduate student than of the certificate or undergraduate student, especially in regard to reading and writing.
  2. Graduate coursework is more self-directed. Students choose, under the guidance of faculty, an area that they feel they need to know more about, and they study that area.
  3. Graduate coursework is more attentive to research. Students look into conducting, as well as reading, original research.
  4. Graduate coursework is a community of learners, rather than only a teacher-student relationship. Graduate students are assumed to have reached an intellectual maturity that puts them at a place where the role of the instructor is different. Instructors need to guide and mentor the mature student in the direction that the student has identified.
  5. Graduate coursework encourages students to be involved in local, state, and national leadership issues. Graduate study emphasizes effective, positive change so that students will be leaders of their communities on a local, state, and national level.
  6. Graduate study is not simply remembering information; it is also constructing knowledge. The community of learners encourages new insights and creates new knowledge in the field.

Unique Strengths

Dedicated, Practitioner Faculty

Faculty bring a commitment to learning and teaching that is student-centered and firmly based on scholarship. First and foremost, the faculty consists both of professionals and practitioners who bring to the classroom the benefits of their knowledge and experience.

Convenient Class Times

Medaille is a pioneer in providing quality degree programs offered at convenient times—during the day, evening, weekends and online.

Personal Atmosphere

Graduate classes are small at Medaille. A student is treated as a respected individual. Each student’s individual qualities are discovered through working with faculty, staff, and fellow classmates.

Average Class Size

While class size varies by program, students can expect to experience a personal atmosphere.


Medaille continues to offer one of the most affordable educations of any private college in the area. The convenient delivery system allows adult and graduate students to work full-time while attending school full time, thus allowing them to qualify for financial aid. For details, contact the Office of Admissions.

Learning Goals

  • To provide a relevant and innovative education which prepares individuals for professional careers and lifelong learning
  • To develop in all students the interpersonal skills necessary for effective participation in teams and groups
  • To enhance the analytical, critical thinking, and decision-making skills of each individual student
  • To develop and cultivate a sense of purpose, responsibility, and ethical behavior among individuals
  • To enhance the student’s written and spoken communication skills
  • To develop proficiency in the application of computer technologies.

Student Responsibilities

The post-traditional learning environments found in these programs makes some additional demands on its students. These include:

  • Students should arrive at class (and at group meetings) fully prepared to participate and contribute to activities.
  • Students are responsible for initiating contact with the instructor if they have missed a class, a test, or an assignment.
  • Students are responsible for acquiring and maintaining an adequate laptop computer. Medaille will provide software, wireless Internet access, and appropriate IT support.
  • Students are expected to comply with the policies and procedures outlined in this section of the catalog.
  • Cohorts are encouraged to discuss and establish guidelines or operating principles that govern group-specific issues such as cell phone use and food in the classroom. On the first session of each course, the cohort should review this discussion with the new instructor.

Online Program

Unique Strengths

Medaille’s Student Choice Schedule

Medaille’s Student Choice Schedule gives students both time and flexibility by allowing students to take anywhere from 1 to 4 courses in a semester. Students can accelerate their program or learn at a pace that better suits their individual lifestyle.

Personal Attention

Students are able to enjoy small class sizes and personal attention from professors. Class registration is easy, and students will be assigned a personal coach for the life of the program.

General Requirements For College Degrees (Graduate)

Note: Each graduate program may have specific requirements; therefore, check the individual program section/handbook.

Graduation from the College with the award of the appropriate degree will be granted upon fulfillment of the following general requirements:

  • The student must complete all prescribed courses in a specific program and sufficient elective credits to make up the minimum total required credit hours with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0.
  • The student must earn the final 15 credits at Medaille if enrolled in the master’s degree program.
  • All College property on loan to the student must be returned in satisfactory condition to the College and all financial obligations to the College must be met prior to degree conferral and transcript release.
  • To be reviewed for degree conferral, all students are required to submit an application for graduation regardless of intention to attend or not attend the Commencement Ceremony.
  • Any person who wishes to participate in the annual Commencement, held during the month of May each year, must complete all academic requirements for graduation in order to participate, except for
  1. those students in the process of completing requirements in the semester during which Commencement takes place and
  2. those students lacking one to six credit hours who, prior to the ceremony, register to take those outstanding credits during their next term of study (with the exceptional of CMHC students who may have up to 9 credit hours remaining). Doctoral students must successfully defend their dissertation prior to the deadline [April 15] and have an anticipated internship completion date no later than August 31 to be allowed to participate in Commencement Ceremonies.

    Students in the above situations should contact their Program Director to complete a waiver form to allow them to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Date of degree completion is dependent on completion of all academic requirements.