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Department of Education

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Medaille College is a leader in preparing individuals to become classroom teachers. The Department of Education’s curriculum prepares students to nurture and educate children from diverse backgrounds. The department prepares teacher candidates in all aspects of today’s challenging classrooms. The program will support teacher candidates, as they become skilled critical thinkers in the classroom. Committed to the service of teaching, faculty will help teacher candidates to reflect on the long history of public education as a vehicle for American equality. Through strong management of the subject specialization and content knowledge, methodology, and creative pedagogical techniques, teacher candidates will become successful professionals in the field. Medaille’s Education programs explore the use of technology in the classrooms of tomorrow.

Medaille’s faculty include professional teachers and published researchers with years of service in education and experience in the field. Education is the gateway for creating a community of life-long learning for students. Students will be able to teach their students to participate in community service, support social justice and promote personal independence. Students will become caring teachers who build effective learning relationships with students.

Placement Data

Institutions shall publish information about each of their teacher education programs that shall be made available to prospective and enrolled students. The information shall include but need not be limited to, as available, relevant statistics about the labor market and job availability for each certificate title for which a teacher education program is offered, including the source of the statistics and the period of time and geographic area to which the statistics refer.  Placement data is available from the Office of Research, Grants and Assessment page and on the institution’s HEOA Student Right to Know page.

Time Limit for Degree Completion Policy

All coursework and degree requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Elementary Education, Adolescent Education, Students with Disabilities, or Literacy must be completed within five years of the date of admission to the Department of Education. Coursework completed more than five years prior to the date of admission to the Department of Education cannot be used to satisfy degree requirements.