Academic Catalog

Homeland Security, M.S.

Program Description

Homeland Security events including issues involving terrorism, emergency management, and disaster management, relief and mitigation populate news headlines every day. The need has never been so great for trained professionals in the various fields of Homeland Security. These professionals are needed by government agencies, commercial enterprises and private sector businesses. The Master of Science in Homeland Security will prepare students for careers in these fields as professionals trained, educated, and prepared to recognize, evaluate, prepare and respond to incidents involving terrorism, man-made or natural disasters, and other Homeland Security-related issues.

Program Objectives

  1. To attain mastery in fields of study of Homeland Security. 
  2. To engage in and conduct complex and advanced analysis of Homeland Security-related issues. 
  3. To learn to communicate both orally and verbally in a manner commensurate with the professional requirements of a Homeland Security professional. 
  4. To apply discipline-specific knowledge in a professional setting. 
  5. To develop ethical individuals who are capable of engaging and empowering others with those ethical values through leadership and example.

Degree earned: MS
Total number of credits: 30
Delivery format: On-ground (day and evening); Online; Hybrid (online and on-ground)
Locations: Buffalo

Course Sequence

HLS 5013
HLS 5033
HLS 5753
HLS 5953
HLS 6113
HLS 6133
HLS 6213
HLS 6223
HLS 6313
HLS 6513
Total Hours30