Academic Catalog

Animal Welfare, Minor

The Animal Welfare Minor is designed for the non-Veterinary Technology student interested in learning about the relationships between humans and animals and exploring the responsibilities of humans to ensure animal welfare.

Total number of credits: 19-22

VET 100Introduction to Veterinary Technology3
Select one course of the following:3-4
Introductory Biology
and Introductory Biology Lab
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Comparative Anatomy and Physiology I
VET 240Foundations of Animal Management and Welfare3
PHI 300Ethics3
Other Courses
Select two courses of the following:6
Animal Behavior
Psychosocial Aspects of Human-Animal Relationships
Basic Introduction to Horses
Horse and Stable Management
Companion Animal First Aid and Disaster Preparedness
Animal Learning
Advanced Animal Management Welfare
Total Hours18-19