Academic Catalog

Cyber Crimes Investigation, Certificate

Program Description

The Cyber Crimes Investigation (CCI) certificate is a 20-credit course of study designed to fulfill the goal of improving law enforcement in the Western Region of New York by providing students with a thorough grounding in the application of the tools and techniques of criminal investigations to electronic evidence. The curriculum includes an introductory course covering computer applications, followed by four core courses covering the following topics in the context of criminal investigations involving computing systems:

  1. personal computers and their operating systems;
  2. computer forensics and electronic media as evidence;
  3. law and investigative techniques; and
  4. computer networks and the Internet.

Program Goals

  1. To provide students with hands-on opportunities to strengthen their criminal investigative skills in scenarios involving computers and electronic evidence
  2. To provide law enforcement professionals with knowledge and skills that they can carry back to their employers and disseminate to their colleague
  3. To provide students and law enforcement professionals with a basis on which to build further training in cyber-crime investigation
  4. To provide students and law enforcement professionals with a command of the analytical tools necessary for successful careers in criminal justice.

Delivery Format

  • On-campus (Evening)

Credit Distribution and Course Sequence

Course length (in weeks): 7

CIS 121Computer Applications4
CRJ 181Introduction To Personal Computers And Their Operating Systems For Computer Crime Investigations4
CRJ 281Computer Forensics: Electronic Media As Evidence4
CRJ 381Computer Crime Investigation: Evidence, Law, and Investigative Techniques4
CRJ 481Topics In Computer Crime Investigation: Computer Networks & The Internet4
Total Hours20

All five courses may be applied towards the B.B.A. in Information Systems, the B.S. in Homeland Security, and the B.B.A. in Business Administration. Students enrolled in other programs may use these courses in order to fulfill their free elective requirement, should their program accommodate 16 credits of free electives.

Please refer to course descriptions of CRJ 180 Introduction to Personal Computers and Their Operating Systems for Computer Crime Investigations, CRJ 280 Computer Forensics: Electronic Media as Evidence, and CRJ 380 Computer Crime Investigation: Evidence, Law, and Investigative Techniques, CIS 120 and CRJ 480 Topics in Computer Crime Investigation: Computer Networks & The Internet.