Academic Catalog

eSports Management, B.S.

Program Description

Increased participation in eSports fuels the need for formal training in the field. eSports perfectly mixes the core aspects of professional sports, and media along with the advertising industry. The BA in eSports Management program at Medaille College combines the new technological innovations taking place in the gaming and entertainment industry, with large-scale competitive events that highlight this growth. Through our program, students will gain knowledge on the world of video games, from start to finish, from introductory courses in programming, to the business and management of professional multiplayer competition. In 2016, 400 Million - people viewed the League of Legends World Championship matches, making it the fastest growing sport in the industry. Thus, students will immerse themselves in the culture of eSports with two internships, gaining applicable skills and an understanding of the fast-paced industry of eSports.

eSports Management hits at the heart of the college value of curiosity. Medaille is committed to inspiring intellectual curiosity and wonder as a foundation for academic, professional and civic achievement. Medaille is dedicated to preserving and supporting an educational environment of creativity, passion and innovation. Students attracted to sport related curriculum will now have another choice in area of focus under the vast umbrella of the sport industry. Business and technological skills learned will enhance graduate’s skill set and support vocational opportunities.

Program Goals

  • Identify and define the functional components of eSports (gaming competitively, online play, virtual reality, and internet connectivity, online streaming and building culture) and their interrelationships and applications
  • Demonstrate an ability to employ information and analysis specific to the eSports challenges and opportunities presented by a global environment
  • Identify and apply modern information systems to support eSports business operations for improved management and organizational performance.
  • Develop the practical skills necessary to design, implement, manage and evaluate e-Sports organizations, events and facilities.

Degree earned: B.S.
Total number of credits: 120-121

Credit Distribution

General Education Core
Writing Courses
ENG 110College Writing3
or ENG 112 College Writing for Multilingual Students
ENG/HON 200Advanced College Writing3
or ENG 202 Advanced College Writing for Multilingual Students
Critical Dialogues Course
INT 110Introduction to Dialogues in Critical Thinking 13
American Dialogues Course
Select one course of the following:3
Photographers, Writers, and the American Scene
Social Issues in Policing a Multicultural Community
Justice and Democracy in America
African-American History
Cultural Interaction in Colonial North America
Enduring American Dialogues
Creative and Reflective Dialogues Course
Select one course of the following:3
Contemporary Photography as Cultural Landscape
Beginning Drawing
Basic Photography: Criticizing Photography
Introduction to Creative Writing
Creative Nonfiction Writing
Creative Expression
Introduction to Theatre and Performance
Sustainability Dialogues Course
Select one course of the following:3-4
Introductory Biology
Human Nutrition
Enviromental Studies
Introductory Chemistry
Scientific Discovery
Physical Science
Principles of Physics I
Global Dialogues Course
Select one course of the following:3
British Literature I: Middle Ages to the 18th Century
British Literature II: Late 18th Century to The Present
Themes and Topics in World Literature & Culture
Major Global Literary Figures
Baccalaureate Capstone I
Medieval World
The History of Ireland
History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
The Arts in Society
Psychoanalysis & Politics
Seminar in Religion and Belief
Classical Music Studies
Truth & Justice
Citizenship Dialogues Course
Select one course of the following:3
Baccalaureate Capstone II
Capstone in Citizenship
Psychology Capstone
SPE 130Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
Major Requirements
ECO 380Economics of Sports3
ESM 100eSports Management and Industry Trends3
ESM 200Competitive Gaming: Culture, Performance and Team Development3
MGT 175Management Concepts and Communication3
MGT 330Entreprenuership3
MIS 240Management Information Systems3
PSY 385Sports Psychology3
SOC 301Sports in Society3
SPM 220Sport Leadership and Management3
DAT 100Fundamentals of Computing3
SPM 325Legal and Ethical Issues in Sports and Recreation Management3
SPM 335Sport Event Management3
SPM 340History & Philosophy of Sport3
SPM 400Sport Facility Planning and Management3
Experiential Learning
ESM 377Field Experience I3
ESM 477Field Experience II3
Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses
ACC 101Financial Accounting3
ENG 260Business and Professional Writing3
INT 411Global Leadership3
MAT 114Intermediate Algebra3
PSY 100Introduction to Psychology3
PHI 300Ethics3
Liberal Arts and Sciences Electives
Select three (3) 100-200 level courses from the following: APY, ART, BIO, CHE, CHI, ECO, ENG, GEO, HIS, HUM, LNG, MAT, MUS, PHI, PHY, POL, PSY, SSC, SOC, or THE course9
Free Electives
Select 9 credits of Free Electives 29
Total Hours111-112

Required of first-year students; all other students may substitute a 300/400 level Liberal Arts and Sciences elective


May include any College course.

Suggested Sequence

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
First SemesterHours
INT 110 Introduction to Dialogues in Critical Thinking 3
ENG 110 College Writing 3
MGT 175 Management Concepts and Communication 3
SPM 220 Sport Leadership and Management 3
MAT 114 Intermediate Algebra 3
Second Semester
American Dialogues 3
ENG 200 Advanced College Writing 3
LAS Elective 3
DAT 100 Fundamentals of Computing 3
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology 3
Second Year
First Semester
Creative Dialogues 3
ESM 100 eSports Management and Industry Trends 3
ACC 101 Financial Accounting 3
SPM 335 Sport Event Management 3
SPE 130 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3
Second Semester
Sustainability Dialogues 3
MGT 330 Entreprenuership 3
ECO 380 Economics of Sports 3
SPM 340 History & Philosophy of Sport 3
MIS 240 Management Information Systems 3
Third Year
First Semester
ESM 200 Competitive Gaming: Culture, Performance and Team Development 3
SPM 325 Legal and Ethical Issues in Sports and Recreation Management 3
SOC 301 Sports in Society 3
ENG 260 Business and Professional Writing 3
SPM 201 Dynamics of Youth Sport 3
Second Semester
LAS Elective 3
LAS Elective 3
ESM 377 Field Experience I 3
SPM 400 Sport Facility Planning and Management 3
PSY 385 Sports Psychology 3
Fourth Year
First Semester
Global Dialogues 3
ESM 300 Introduction to Game Design 3
ESM 477 Field Experience II 3
PHI 300 Ethics 3
LAS Elective 3
Second Semester
INT 450 Capstone in Citizenship 3
INT 411 Global Leadership 3
Free Elective 3
Free Elective 3
Free Elective 3
 Total Hours120

Please Note: The above shows the ideal suggested sequencing and scheduling of courses and credits by semester. It is based on eight semesters for a traditionally-structured baccalaureate degree. Degree program requirements and the scheduling of courses are subject to change, based on writing/math placements and course availability. This chart should be utilized a guide and is not a written contract. Students will be notified of changes that may affect their academic progress.