Academic Catalog

Health Information Management, B.P.S.

Program Description

Needs within the healthcare system continue to shift, making the role of the health information professional increasingly vital. The Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Information Management prepares students to collect, maintain, interpret, analyze and protect data that is essential for providing quality, effective and efficient patient care. The program includes courses in the management of data with emphasis on electronic health data (the EHR), the analysis of information for patient care, financial and statistical purposes as well as auditing, trending and benchmarking. If students are interested in healthcare in a broader sense and want to create a better experience for patients behind the scenes, then Healthcare Information Management may be the right fit. Students should be interested in data management and analysis, technology, interacting with physicians and working collaboratively towards a common goal.

To graduate with a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree, students must complete all required courses in Health Information Management (HIM), natural science and mathematics with a minimum grade of C. Students in this HIM program may not take any of these required courses as a Pass/Fail grade.

Students should note that scheduled times for the Health Information Management capstone and/or practicum experience courses are subject to the availability and approval of the practicum site(s).

**Please note that Medaille College is no longer enrolling new students in the BPS Health Information Management program.

Program Goals

  1. To develop proficiency in the competencies, skills, and knowledge of health information management, including privacy and security, health databases, principles of management and leadership, professional certification and computer technologies
  2. To develop in all students the interpersonal skills necessary for effective participation in teams and groups
  3. To enhance the analytical, critical thinking, and decision-making skills of each individual student
  4. To develop and cultivate a sense of purpose, responsibility, and ethical behavior among individuals, especially in regard to the legal and ethical issues related to protected health information
  5. To enhance the student’s written and spoken communication skills
  6. To develop proficiency in the application of computer technologies.

Delivery Format: Online

Course Sequence

Note: Online students are required to successfully complete an online prep course by the end of their first online course.

GEN 3104
HIA 3214
HIA 3224
HIA 3304
HIA 3344
BIO 3124
BIO 3134
HIA 3334
HIA 4054
HIA 4064
HIA 4074
HIA 4084
HIA 4404
HIA 4604
HIA 4704
Free/Transfer Credits60
Total Hours120

Bridge Sequence

HIA 1234
HIA 1974
HIA 1984
MAT 2034
BIO 1404
BIO 1414
Total Hours24

Note: The BPS-HIM Program is an online degree completion sequence, one of several developed for working adults who have already earned college credits and have significant work experience in the field. A BPS-HIM Bridge course sequence is available to students who do not have the necessary credits.