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Homeland Security, B.S.

Program Description

Emergency preparedness has long been an important part of government policy at the federal, state, and local levels; within the last decade, the concept of homeland security has been developed to incorporate emergency management as well as the task of protecting the United States from terrorist attacks. The B.S. in Homeland Security program teaches the theories, models, tools, and techniques needed to effectively prepare for and mitigate the effects of natural, manmade, or terrorist disasters. The Homeland Security curriculum is designed to give students both theoretical and practical knowledge in homeland security, terrorism, domestic and international law, and emergency management. The curriculum supports the development of a global perspective, enhanced interpersonal skills, and an increased awareness of the current state of homeland security.

The Homeland Security program is offered as a non-traditional degree completion program for adult learners. Students entering directly into the Homeland Security Core sequence must transfer in at least applicable 60 credits. Students without transfer credits may enter the AS in Business, and then move into the Homeland Security Core.

**Please note that Medaille College is no longer enrolling new students in the BS Homeland Security program.

Program Goals

The Homeland Security program focuses on using information systems to confront and resolve business and management problems, meeting the operation needs of business organizations. The goals of the program include:

  1. To provide a relevant and innovative education that prepares individuals for professional careers and lifelong learning
  2. To develop in all students the interpersonal skills necessary for effective participation in teams and groups
  3. To enhance the analytical, critical thinking, and decision-making skills of each individual student
  4. To develop and cultivate a sense of purpose, responsibility, and ethical behavior among individuals
  5. To enhance the student’s written and spoken communication skills
  6. To develop proficiency in the application of theoretical and practical knowledge of homeland security, terrorism, international and domestic law, and emergency preparedness.

Delivery Format: Online, on-campus (Buffalo Campus only)

Course Sequence

Note: Online students are required to successfully complete an online prep course by the end of their first online course.

GEN 310 14
or GEN 300
CRJ 4704
CRJ 3054
HLS 3004
HLS 3014
CRJ 4304
HIS 3204
POL 3404
POL 3414
POL 3204
POL 3214
POL 4224
HLS 3754
HLS 4024
HLS 4034
Free/Transfer Credits60
Total Hours120

GEN 310 (online students)/ GEN 300 (on-ground students)

Note: The BS in Homeland Security is an online degree completion program. Students need approximately two years of college credits to begin the core sequence. Medaille offers undergraduate coursework to help a student reach this minimum credit level.